Brave/BAT support ended for the blog. Don’t waste your BAT tips here :)

Brave/BAT support ended for the blog. Don’t waste your BAT tips here :)

21 Avr 2019 0 Par Berien

No regrets: BitTUBE presents a nicer and clean alternative, with a simple user friendly approach, and from what I’ve experienced a pretty efficient help desk.

And now, they even have their own Browser:

Windows 64 version & Linux 64

I’ll cover the topic a bit more deeply soon.

Stay Tuned! 🙂

Now, if you’re a Brave Browser User, you might notice the flag « Brave publisher » opening to the possibility to grant some BAT to the blog you’re presently reading…


Just don’t do that 🙂

This icon is misleading as there’es no way for me to access the token granted.

Unfortunately, I can’t change this because all information and data are retained by the company behind Brave and BAT with no way for me to change anything behind the walled-off account.

In a way I find intriguing that a project that put forward Internet freedom and equity as the main point of its marketing campaign prevents users from modifying their own data, or even close their account if they will.

Brave’s compliance with European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) could be worth a study. I’ll probably spend some time on the topic, as it’s always interesting to grab some knowledge around situations we meet 🙂

Meantime, I have asked Brave Publishers team to delete my account and all data that could be linked to it.

I’m waiting for a kind answer from them by the time I’m writing this.

Standing by.