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The « Trying to sell paintings on Ebay » experiment – Season 1 – Episode 2



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It’s time to make a small observation point, a week after I published my three Ebay ads.

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Emotional: That’s it! We’re in a form of action. Certainly: it paddles, smokes, and for the moment only produces words in a blog, but these efforts are directed towards a goal that takes on consistency. The feeling is rather sympathetic.

Auction: None (no surprises or disappointments: I would have been surprised to have an immediate return)

Cost: 1.44 euros for the publication of the three announcements. Why not, if in return we get visibility.

Visibility: Each painting gleaned a few views, but most came after I mentioned the ads on social networks. (I even think that the very first views were due to my own passage on the ads, misinterpreted because of my VPN.)

So, for this first batch, Ebay itself is not a vector of visibility.

But it is too early to come to a conclusion, because there are still a lot of parameters related to my choices:

  • the ad format (auction with relatively high starting price) may not have been appropriate
  • product categories may have been poorly defined
  • the price itself, compared to the tables (small dimensions), may seem too high to a buyer

Next step

Inject other ads, which would meet other criteria, and observe if the trend changes over time; this before the expiration of the current batch (more than 3 days!) to keep a form of continuity.


  • An auction with a lower starting price.
  • A fixed price ad with a higher price
  • A fixed price ad with a median price.



… maybe very interesting…

… although surely obvious…
…for those who are not hermits at heart.

Blog + social networks + sales platform:

different parts of one machine

I have long neglected my WordPress site, without really knowing what a blog could bring in the era of social networks. It is so easy to post in the blink of an eye nowadays…

The same goes for galleries and images: lots of external sites capable of doing the same job without us having to put our hands in the sludge.

Initially, I had focused on hosting my own e-commerce solution, but then convinced myself that the work required for implementation and maintenance would not be offset by the feedback I expected.

I may have it all wrong on that side.

During this first week of observation, I noticed that my site received peaks of visits to each of my posts on Steemit and that it therefore channeled most of the traffic. Nothing fantastic, but we go from 0 to a higher traffic than what I could observe on my Ebay ads (not so far from 0, but higher: p).

Recently, I have rediscovered the Steempress plugin (, which sends WordPress posts to the Steem blockchain, and so on Steemit blog, and allows you to post on both platforms simultaneously (with some adjustments). Other plugins can do about the same work on mainstream social networks.

So far I’ve made a stupid mistake: not seeing that [social network + blog + sales platform] was a whole that shouldn’t be dissociated. It was necessary that this link was established concretely by a plugin for me to understand it…. I quickly understand, but sometimes I need to get long explanations :p

Let’s summarize:

  • The blog allows you to work on more in-depth content in a more personalized environment than a social network allows
  • wordpress’ ability to post simultaneously to social networks makes it possible to automate the propagation of this content
  • if the work is well done, the link to the sales platform can be inserted in this mechanism.

So we have a beautiful chain whose links can communicate with each other in a fluid and redundant way.

Improving this chain seems to me to be an important point to consider in the coming weeks.

For now I’m going back to the immediate priorities: feeding that Ebay beast with a few more announcements, and as I’m a little late, I think there will only be one for today, out of the three planned above in this pavilion.

Time management…. I’m going to have to look into that too, I feel: p

That’s all for this time, with less introspection, and more practical observation.

I don’t know if these notes will be used by anyone other than myself, but if so: I’m delighted 🙂

Thanks for taking that precious time to read,

See you next time, and be well!


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