Short Tale of a Long  Neverending Work.

Short Tale of a Long Neverending Work.

25 Mai 2019 0 Par Berien

As I’m currently stuck on work aspects that wouldn’t be worth a post yet, I decided to dive into my never posted pictures, and found the forgotten folder of a blog article in gestation.

Once upon a time, there was a painting that didn’t aimed at being finished…

While collecting these old pictures, I’ve been suprised to rediscover some previous steps of this never ended and never ending painting.

Let’s build something with them !

Here comes the very short tale of a very long never ending work.

Once upon a time, Chaos started to invade a blank surface…

Randomly dropped colours struggled for the surface conquest, against darkness and some weird deep water creature.

After a while..

A structure emerged, with the illusion that everything was set for long.

But Entropy came here…

Time passed and slowly killed all colours on the surface. The raging fight of colours against darkness started over, transforming everything it struck, again.

Until there was hardly anything left from that interesting past…

Everything was gone, except some sort of a rift, like an open wound in the flattened surface, around which a stubborn colored energy was still circling, refusing to call that an end.

Drawing meaningless translucent Glyphs, it was seeking for a new impulse that would bring life to that dark wounded and almost dead place.

And finally…

Matter, texture and light, came back once more, playing with volumes onto the surface.

That was the last sight I had from the place.

I never came back there since these picture were shot, but after writing these few lines, I must admit I’m temptated to follow these little shiny creativity sparks I see dancing in that painting’s direction.

I don’t know if they will lead to anything new, but for sure, that would be another story.

This piece is one of my « learning tools » : as someone who will never be in love will formal teaching, this is the best way I’ve found to learn new things.

Continuously work on the same piece…

That’s a decent compromise between a devouring need to grab new skills and an undisciplined mind getting quickly bored by passive learning.

Starting and destroying, over, and over, letting the work teach you its secrets, tiny bit after tiny bit, going beyond the graphical item you’re building, until you realize that you’re able to add these up and get something coherent out of that.

As far as I’m concerned, I’d say that’s the more fulfilling learning path I’ve ever tried, at many levels.

But, I’ve used enough of your time for now !

Thanks for your reading, Ladies and Gentlemen !

I wish you tons of great things, for today, tomorrow and also the next days 😀

See you 🙂


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