From Original To Displate : « The Subridere Concept »

Hello everyone !

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Finally a new post after a few weeks with no online activity, as I didn’t have anything really interesting to share. I still worked on a few things, and here’s one of them : a new digital conversion of one of my graphite drawings.

Tired to deal with my old camera’s limitations, I recently decided to acquire a new one. The photo part of the work being the one I enjoy the least, this simplifies by a lot my drawing’s digital conversions. 🙂

For a first try at making a new displate poster, I played a bit with GIMP, Krita, and ArtRage on a small format drawing I already posted, initally titled « Dehumanized », providing it with some contrast and color effects.

Plus… « From Original To Displate : « The Subridere Concept » »

WIP – Le Blotti / Snuggled

Blotti :  il est là, engoncé dans les détails qui l’entourent, immobile et figé, peut-être apeuré à l’idée d’être découvert. Et pourtant l’imaginaire l’a débusqué puis modelé à partir des glyphes abstraits qui étaient censés à eux seuls recouvrir la surface de ce tableau.

Snuggled : It’s there, engulfed in surrounding details, standing still and frozen, maybe frightened of being discovered. And yet, Imagination has flushed and then modeled it out of abstract glyphs that were solely supposed to cover the surface of this drawing.


  • Medium :  Dessin au crayon graphite avec légère coloration acrylique (en cours)
    (Graphite pencil drawing with light acrylic coloring (in progress))
  • Dimensions : 45/63cm sans châssis ni cadre (No frame)
  • Support : Plaque de bois aggloméré, couche de Gesso et sous-couche acrylique.
    (chipboard, Gesso layer and acrylic underlayment.)