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New personal experience and feelings: to price my work, and to put them on sale.



Here come a rather long post (sorry, sorry, sorry ! 😀 ) to share an ongoing experience and the feeling that goes with it.

This is a feeling that I had not anticipated, but that I feel with enough strength to devote a little analysis to it: stage fright.

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Why this feeling ?

  • Probably because the time has come to put a price on some of my paintings, when the commercial perspective seems even more abstract than my graphic subjects.
  • Because for a first contact with this aspect of the profession, I have chosen some paintings that have helped to lay the foundations of my current work. The emotional value I give them will therefore be compared to the monetary value they will be given.
  • Because I deliver them at the mercy of an auction without any certainty that they will even be noticed.

The desire to delay the moment is there: it reminds me of the feeling I had when I had to leave my children at the school door for the first time…. Personal investment in the creative process surely plays a major role in this.

I’m still hanging out a little bit….

The ads are ready, written, formatted, texts read and proofread. Each rereading reveals new mistakes and adds a little bit of reluctance to the release.

Why this choice of paintings in particular?

In terms of drawing, they represent a clear transition in my working methods. They guided me in a direction that I had long hoped to discover, in terms of technique, style and coherence.As with any surrealist or abstract work, the creative process is very personal, psychologically intimate. For this reason, I have long been reluctant to put a price on my drawings, and this has not really been a problem for me until now.

But today, it seems obvious to me that to progress, to go beyond my achievements, I will have to expose this work to the risks of being put on sale… No other method to break this old, previously unbreakable barrier of the professionalization of my activity.

I guess I’m not alone in this case, that this turning point must discourage more than one, and that sharing the experience live could help to clarify it…

In short:

  • if the following works, take it for yourself, adapt it at your convenience !
  • if it fails, take it anyway, but don’t forget that’s NOT the way to go! 😀


This is the first stumbling block that has long paralyzed me.

Not easy.

I have tried to put aside the emotional in order to concentrate on more concrete criteria, but neither the duration of the execution, nor the dimensions, nor the media and materials used seem to me to speak for themselves anymore.


Plan B!

« Below what amount would I prefer to keep the painting, or even offer it, rather than sell it? »

Ah ! Back to the emotional. That rings a bell !

I now have a starting price.

Is it too high? No real loss at all. It will only be postponed.

Is it not high enough? It will be up to the auction to determine it.


How to get noticed… Second blocking point. Scenarios of failure are emerging in abundance.As a hermit at heart, I’m not a great social networker, plus :I don’t have enough appropriate material that could interest an art gallery or feed an exhibition…

Not the best start, isn’t it ?

So, let’s opt for an online marketplace.

Since I have neither the experience, nor the networks, nor the marketing power that would allow me to stand out on specialized sites in a field similar to mine, I will focus on a pure and tastefuly amateurist approach, namely a big generalist platform: Ebay.

I hope – perhaps being naive – that its auction system will attract the curious to my ads.

I may have to review this reasoning about what happens next, but for the time being I am experimenting and learning.

… within what limits?

Now, I won’t spend time on technical details, even if they are possible additional blocking point!

Shipments costs, packaging cartons are some of the elements…. But the scope of Ebay’s ads is the most problematic point.

It seems that it imposes international visibility restrictions on newcomers, which I am.

It seems that international visibility restrictions are being imposed for newcomers, which I am. This bothers me, since the majority of people likely to read me can be met on Steemit, and is international.

So, to be clear, despite ebay’s limitations :

  • I agree to sell outside my country (beware of shipment costs and custom taxes)
  • I accept (and encourage) crypto-payments, because they free transactions from any border and banking constraints

The space dedicated to the writing of ads still leaves a certain freedom, so let’s use it to propose what the platform does not allow directly : it is still possible to specify the above points in the painting’s descriptions.


These mentions will not be what make the announcements stand out.

I will have to work a little bit to draw attention to the ads…. And I realize that marketing is still a rather enigmatic discipline for me.

A bunch of work on myself is required to improve this :p

Do not back down….

OK… It is imperfect, like an unsolved equation full of unknowns.

but I’m not good at math.


… Let’s do it!


Other paintings will be placed on sale gradually as they are finished,

but for the moment: 

 Artefact 0 & MechaTree & Mechanical Diptych

are in the arena.

If the rest (failure or success) seems instructive to me, I will share the feedback.In the meantime, any help to increase the visibility of the ads would be welcome: thanks from the deepest of my heart for anyone who’d share this 🙂


Thank you for your time, Ladies and Gentlemen !

Have fun, make mistakes, but take care of yourselves 🙂



(post’s artwork : (c) Berien 2017-2018)

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