Folco’s Birth – Page 17

Hello 🙂

New page !

Two weeks between posts instead of three ! I’m on the right trend ! 😀

I’m still struggling with that slow paced rythm, due to a mix of lack of energy and motivation that let me easily derailed by outter distractions… And these ones never lack :p

Anyways : here comes the lattest page of Folco’s Birth.

I wasn’t very sure how to deal with that chasing scene, tempted by the use of our good old comic books boxes, instead of seeking for a more personal way to display the sequence.

Finally, I relied again on what I’ve learnt by working on geometrical abstrations, using triangular dynamics and overlapping elements, to get some movement feeling.

I had some bad time avoiding too much abstraction on the drawing itself… I did like how it looked, but it really had no meaning for who couldn’t read in my mind 😀

OK, let’s go for that page 17, but first, if needed, you can catch up with the previous ones, compiled as an ebook archive (.cbz format, readable with ComicRack and such):

>>Previously in Folco’s Birth<<

Pages 1-16

That’s all for today !

Have fun people, and let’s see if I’ll made it to less than a two-weeks delay before next post ! 😀

See you 😉