Folco’s Birth – Page 15

Boooooh ! Only one page today !

That’s my self-overconfidence’s price on this one : after the last week full-of-women page, I was pretty sure this new one would’nt be too difficult to deal with.

I did have a clear idea of what I wanted, until I had work on it… It was time to switch to another level of narration after this rather long dialog. A bit of action and movement had to be injected in our story… And with this, new problems arose.

New angles of view, new dynamics to translate into pictures… And hell ! Thats something to work with !

My mind almost broke itself in that last low angle image’s staircase, failing at understanding how to work on this with sole black and white.

Trying to keep decent values balance, movement’s dynamics and understandable perspective without going too deeply in details was kind of struggle.

And this was only with the first impulse of Folco’s run… I wonder what kind of funny difficulties are waiting for me in next pages ! 

Anyways… Let’s run !

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That’s all for now !

I hope I’ll be able to give more next week 🙂

Thanks for reading, and see you soon !

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