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Folco’s Birth – Page 07 and 08


Really, Your Honor ? Did I say I planned to put more than two pages per post last time ?

With all the honest sincerity that genuinely perspire from all my skin pores, I truly can’t remember !

Hello !

OK… Only two more pages. That dialog I had to place in the following part was scaring me a bit…  So I’ll use some caution and share my thought about the work. I wasn’t sure how to deal with text/images balance.. Which ideas to place, and to express them :  which of words or drawings to use ? Writing a bunch of long sentences and swapping between both character’s faces at each reply has been my first reflex… Of course, it’s not a good one : I don’t aim at building some closed-door story. My goal is to build and present an imaginary universe, and I have several tools for this : texts, drawings, characters, and landscapes. They have to be linked : even if playing with faces and expressions could be a great exercice for me, the interest for a reader wouldn’t be so fantastic, so let’s use part of the dialog to share a glance on the universe in which these dudes live. Of course, any serious illustrator or comics maker would have prepared its concepts in advance… I won’t pretend at becoming serious at this exercice, but I already know I’ve been taught a few interesting new things since I’ve started this sketchy comics experience 🙂 Enough blah blah ! Here we go :

Previously in Folco’s Birth :

Pages 01-02





That’s all for now !

Will there be more than two pages next time ? I sincerely promise that I truly don’t know ! D See you, and have fun  🙂 (c) Berien 2018

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