Wrecked ! Fallen painting, repairs, and a comic strip in bonus :)


Nice way to start a week, don’t you think ? 😀

How did it start ?

I was quietly working on my current baby, trying to handle the thing while painting its frame, when suddenly I realized I was trapped !

Nowhere to place it and let it dry safely : all space around me was invaded by ongoing work !

Drawings, paintings, sketches… Me and my fresh new little painting were surrounded by old and patient projects, staring at us, silently reminding that promise once made to finish them… One day.

_OK, did I think

_Let’s take a breath

_No panic.

_Let’s drop our fresh painted thing by here, and let’s think of a way to free up some space…

Drawings, paintings… on tables, on a radiator, on the ground…

_HmmNot too many on the walls

_What about hanging some of these unfinished pieces ?

You get it… That’s how it started, that’s how it ended too.


New plan : let’s repair the broken victim, and make it less breakable, and… more complete, too !

I’ve been lucky no real damage was done. The drawing has been done on fiberboard panels, and have been temporarily assembled with wooden strip glued on their back.  Only that placeholder used as a structure broke up.

I’ve already posted this piece work in progress a few months ago, and here are some details the latest stages :

A bit of reinforcement with Gesso in the weakest areas, where the back cardboard might bend, and  filling unaesthetic gaps between panels.

Of course, I’ll have to draw again these parts 🙂


Next step will be the building of a frame, out of wooden strips, that will protect the sides.

That will be my week’s trial… Never done that kind of work on so weird shape, so, I bet on many fails and lots of learning 😉

On a side note : I’m pretty happy that “accident” happened : without this, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have tried myself at making a comics strip. Unusual exercise for me, but fun  😀

Anyways : that’s all for today !

Thanks all for reading 🙂

Have fun, take care, and don’t rely on traitor nails !