WIP update 2 – Graphite Artifact – The Waves – Colour Invasion !

Hello ! 🙂

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The work goes on with this baby (previous stage) and I’ve finally decided to let it control me instead of the opposite.

I know that will work better this way 🙂

Colours have invited themselves on our fiberboard panel, playing with graphite shades through protective glaze layers (varnish and acrylic binder.)

I still have to deal with some adherence problems on the support, even with painting.

I suspect my initial underlayer paint was of very bad quality, but I’ll keep trying to find a way to deal with it, searching for interesting visual effects to get from the “damaged” areas.

As you can notice, there’s also a blank area on the right waiting to be designed.

It hasn’t revealed yet what had to be done there… So, we’ll see 🙂

You also get a small glimpse on a part of my other long run WIP behind (“The Diagnosis Tree”). I’ll soon post some little things about this one too 🙂

Meanwhile, I wish you all a nice day ! 🙂