WIP – Graphite Artifact – “The Diagnosis Tree”

Hello everybody, with a new Graphite Artifact !

After a few weeks working on this one, its starting to be worth a post.

It was started on a MDF fiberboard that I decided to tint before working on it. It’s a bit larger than what I’m used to (70/75cm)

Usually I add tints after drawing. This time, though, I wanted to experiment on a colored support. I prepared it with a protective layer of Gesso, and then washed it with an ocre pigment.

I discovered during work that my eraser was erasing both graphite and tint… Which could give some interesting effects in the lightest spots if I don’t screw up 😀

Graphite drawing started during last december and stalled a while at its first stage… I didn’t really know where this was leading, and didn’t quite like what I was seeing.

Here’s a short slideshow of differents stages. I used the same global ambience than my previous video. I think I’ll stick on this base with my Graphite Artifacts videos, with some slight adjustments 🙂

I had to let the drawing build itself during a while before finding something interesting. After it was rotated upside-down, its shape reminded me these naive trees I was drawing when I was a child.

A naive global form, like any situation seen from outside, with complex content, when you start to deal with its problems.

That gave me the title : “The Diagnosis Tree”

That’s a special tree species, growing hidden in dense forest full of common “we-just-need-to” and “it’s-just-a-matter-of” kinds. I’m pretty sure anyone who’s used to solve problems already know these places.

The work is still going on, and will probably last for long 🙂

That all for now, thanks for reading, for watching, and take care !

See you soon,