WIP – Graphite Artifact – The Waves

Newly started graphite artifact !

That fresh start is welcome while fighting with small details on more advanced projects, like “the Diagnosis Tree”.

This one has born in my head since a long time, with the idea of some sort sea made out of solid metallic waves. I usually let the drawing build itself, but this time I’ll try to keep abit more control over the progression.

Like with the “Diagnosis Tree”, I’ve decided to apply a tint over the fiberboard surface before drawing. This time it will be blueish/greenish.

Surface is a bit different than what I’m used to : 80/40cm. We’ll see how I’ll manage this horizontal format.

The first steps ran flawlessly, and I didn’t think about taking pictures of the progress. Sorry for that 🙂

I can only share that short timelapse video filmed this afternoon during the second work session.

That’s all for today,

Have fun 🙂