Wandering in Imaginary Lands [part 1] / Improvising a short story, based on improvised drawings.

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Hello !

First : apologizing for the lack of online activity these last weeks.
Some computer illness, commonly know as a Failed Windows Update, that had to be treated with extreme Linux medication, prevented any productive use of technology during these days.

One good thing with this kind of messy times : my will to get away from them didn’t last long before showing up… I usually see this personal trend to evade responsibilities as something rather nasty, but sometimes, this old poisonous friend shows itself as a good fellow. That’s why I’ll give that part of myself a bit of independent personality and the ability to bring us in short improvised story. (disclaimer : English isn’t my native language, therefore I apologize for any language mistake that could survive to my different correction attempts 😉 )

So… That good old Will-To-Evade-Reality and I took a short walk again in Imaginary lands.

Last time we went there, we found an unusual place : a place where there were none of the mechanical structures I’m used to find, but only a nude twisted tree. (see : The Yellowish Twisted Woodsman).

The eventuality that other weird trees specimens could grow in these parts of Imaginary Lands made me curious… Will-to-Evade (let’s call it like that) followed with some enthusiasm and we let my graphite pen wander there again for a while…

It didn’t take long before graphite strokes made the thing twist out of the blank wooden tablet.


Was it a tree or some aggregated roots, maybe some other kind of creature ?

I couldn’t say, but the thing was looking like it was trying to show me a direction… Even if it wasn’t the prettiest being I’ve ever met in Imaginary Lands, I couldn’t feel any form of fear nor danger emanating from it.

Without a word, we left it there.

Will-To-Evade made me follow the indicated way on which we met the Yellowish Twisted Woodman, still frozen in its eternal tortured stance. Like its rooted cousin, no luck at trying to have a talk. Imaginary Lands make trees look strange, but don’t make them be great speakers.

Though a bit confused and wondering if we hadn’t misunderstood the first tree’s sign, we decided  to continue on our imaginary walk.

Farewell silent friends !

Will-to-Evade and I wandered a while, until we were surrounded by blank space…

Nothing everywhere or maybe nowhere… I’m not sure… Everything was white

Like a child facing a blank wall, I felt that urge to mark my territory with a few random pen strokes. It was like a way to shout “I was First to Be Here” at the next wanderer who’d get lost in that emptiness.

And as soon as I had done this, the void was broken, something started to emerge from that initial movement.


That was a strange place…  Never been here before this day.  I was sure now the first twisted tree had shared with us some untold  Imaginary Land’s  secret.

My eagerness to reach that structure made me hurry a bit too much. Enough for Imaginary Lands, being unstable by nature, to made it fade and vanish under a new white layer before I could reach it.

I had wanted to shout in disappointment : “No !”, but the Lands  didn’t give me any time to do so.

Cling !

Clang !

Those heavy sounds, in my mind !

Typical songs of mechanical lined and curved graphite artifacts populating Imaginary Lands…

I stared at Will-To-Evade : “We walked to far away, we lost what we were looking for.”

Will shrugged and started to walk away.

Even here, it Will was evading.

“I’ll make you bring me there again”, did I promise while that untrusty bastard was leaving me alone.

Of course, while my Will-to-Evade was fleeing away, I was willing to stay more than ever.

The mechanical song was closer now : Right in front of me, a new house was being built out – pretty quickly – from nowhere.

Each line, each curve was acting like a support or a resistance for its closest neighbor, making the whole structure resilient to Imaginary Lands’ insane instability.

Now it was here, strange clinging building, simply waiting to be visited.

What’s inside, my pen didn’t tell me completely yet… All I could briefly see, was some kind of creature parts, half clinging, half organic.

Would I be bold enough to try to find my way insight that crazy structure ?
Not sure…
And even less sure knowing that my good old sneaky Will-to-Evade could come back and catch me away from this

And even less sure knowing that my good old sneaky Will-to-Evade could come back and catch me away from this area of Imaginary Lands.

To be continued…



That’s all for now, fellows !

I must say I had fun at trying to build some kind of narrative link between these unrelated drawings.
Even if that’s not great literature, I’ve enjoyed mixing spontaneous writing based on spontaneous drawing.
This experiment was unexpectedly fulfilling.

I hope you liked as much as I had fun.

Take care and farewell, people 🙂

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