VIDEO – Trying to share some of my favorite tips with graphite drawing :)

Hello 🙂

I’ve spent these last days figuring out how to share some tips about my way to work with graphite, only to discover I couldn’t put any words on this topic.

I’m not a teacher, and as I’ve mostly learnt by trial and error, I’ve also never attempted to verbalize what I knew about drawing.

Therefore, I decided to work from a blank wooden tablet and tried to target some of my usual approaches and describe them as they came.

I’ve tried my best at editing the video to make it a bit more structured than it was. I don’t know if it will be useful for you, but that actually taught myself a couple of things 😀

Here comes the video, about my favorite approaches about graphite work on wooden supports : smearing, with pastel shapers, fingers, and even water.

I hope that will give some ideas to explore,

Have fun, and see you ! 🙂