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Hello !

Today, let’s talk about a new conversion of a graphite sketch, with Art Rage.

I already presented quickly the original drawing in an old post last year. The sketch was forgotten in a pile of sheet of paper during months, until last week when I stumbled upon it.

I decided it would worth a try at a digital conversion, with some new coloring tests under Art Rage. This one will be my first step on

Original version

It was started as an abstraction, playing with curves, and slowly become “something”. If drawing spontaneously was like travelling in unknown lands, we could call this an encounter.

Picture preparation

The raw initial picture was too pale… Some contrasts adjustments had to be done.

Playing with color curves under gimp, I ended with two versions, one of which unexpectedly gave me an interesting blue ambiance, the other one a nice mate realistic rendering.

What about a mix of these ?

Next steps : Art Rage painting

Started yesterday early in the morning, ended late in the night, with some breaks, I think I’ve put something like 10 hours on it. Testing, correcting, and changing my mind once or twice :p
I recorded a few hours of the job, but couldn’t find time for editing the raw stuff yet.

Final Version

After a few hesitations about the finishing touch, I finally opted to end the work on this one. Although I admit that I could have spent a lot more time on it, because I had several other options to explore, a choice had to be made. 🙂

The final limited edition of the picture will be posted a few minutes after this article will be published. Five copies for sale.

That will be all for today. I think I’ll come back on the creation process with a video, depending on the spare time I’ll have this week 🙂

Meanwhile, thanks for your time and reading,

And, see you next time !

Berien 2019

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Many thanks for people who already did it, this helped a lot, and same for those of you who will 🙂