Through the Veil…

Between Imagination and Reality… Or, maybe, Delirium and Rationality.

Hello !

Once again, I approach this theme that I cherish: that of the intriguing frontier represented by a virgin artistic medium. A boundary between two universes.

[Version française]

Whether it’s a sheet of paper, a canvas, a wall section, a wooden board, or even a freshly opened “New File” under your favorite drawing software, the surface is there, in front of us, unexplored, and waiting for a first contact to dive on the other side.

And perhaps – like the artist – what lies behind the immaculate surface is only waiting to be able to cross the line.

It was with an idea a la Lewis Caroll and his “Through the Looking Glass”, that I tried to develop one of my first graphite drawings. Already shown once or twice on Steemit, Displate, and my blog.

The initial plunge into discovery, pencil in hand,

takes charge of extracting from the void an improbable assemblage of forms,

which gradually acquires its logic, its dynamics,

and finally hits the steep edge of its support.

That doesn’t matter.

The border has been crossed towards a universe with extensible space, without real limits.

Even forgetting the material, which has become digital…

…Then see the subject struggle to get out of his shroud of pencilled unreality,

Cracking the surface, made of colored bits,

As if it wanted to regain consistency and materiality.

As I write these few lines, I still don’t know how far this work will go, because he still has a lot to teach me. But once it is finished, I think it will have earned its return to the state of an object, a very concrete one, probably in the form of a printed painting, on canvas or good quality paper.

I promise, I won’t forget to mention it to you 🙂

But for now, dear readers, I wish you the best in the days leading up to the next post 😉

See you soon !


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