From Original To Displate : “The Subridere Concept”

Hello everyone !

Finally, a new post after a few weeks with no online activity ! I didn’t have anything really interesting to share though I still worked on a few things, and here’s one of them : a new digital conversion of one of my graphite drawings.

Tired to deal with my old camera’s limitations, I recently decided to acquire a new one. The photo shooting part of the work being the one I enjoy the least, this simplifies by a lot my drawing’s digital conversions. 🙂

For a first try at making a new displate poster, I played a bit with GIMP, Krita, and ArtRage on a small format drawing I already posted, initally titled “Dehumanized”, providing it with some contrast and color effects.

That new camera helped a lot getting a clean base picture, which was a real problem with the previous one. I think I’ll rework my first Displate posters, as I find them too blurry now.

Anyways, I thought it could be useful to sumarize into some technical sheet the main tools and functions that were used, so they could be re-used easily later.

Even if I’ll always test new little things during the conversion, I know using the same process baseline will help getting some consistency in the final result, which it currently lacks of.

Here’s the sheet :

Here we are for today !

Thanks for reading, and have fun 🙂