The Chaos Bird. A painting from the unnamed room !

Hello, people !

This afternoon, still working at framing my current work, I was looking for planks and wooden strips in that messy room that I call…

…That I call…

Well, I don’t call it.

It’s the room with no name, the one with the closed door, the one nobody see in my home.

Inside the room : only spiders and a few suicidal insects, which never encountered spiders before, but also a bunch of materials, paper, wood, planks, old pastels, old paint tubes, and forgotten drawings or paintings…

Ignoring danger and fear, I managed to extract one of these old pieces, thinking at first that I had found a blank fiberboard.

What a surprise when I saw what was at its back :

The Chaos Bird !

Two or three years ago, I tried to paint.

I grabbed some Cobra oil paint (water mixable) and tried to paint a landscape…

You know : something simple… No imagination, just observation. The opposite of what I’m used to.

Of course, it didn’t work as expected.

The thing went out of control,

the sky became the ground, the ground became the sky,

and a poor tree placed there couldn’t decide

between staying rooted down or taking off as a bird.

That craziness reached the limit of my low knowledge in painting, and I had to stop, waiting for these skills to magically raise and allow me to continue the work…

Magic didn’t happen.

And the Chaos Bird ended in a room that has no name…

With spiders, and suicidal insects.

That’s all for today, people !

That has been touching to meet this painting while I had forgotten its existence, and it’s a pleasure to share it with you.

Have a nice day 😉


(c)Berien 2018