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Rodent Invasion !


Yeah…. A rodent invasion.

Good big sewer rats having found a way through my house’s walls… That is what I have had to devote a good part of the last few weeks to.

As we speak, I think the invasion has been repelled, although from time to time, small creaks and suspicious scratches make me listen… But… naahh… It’s only the house’s structure reacting to seasonal temperature changes…. Isn’t it ?

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The snacking and night fights of my charming invaders have ruined some of my nights, reducing the productivity of my days, both by the accumulated lack of sleep and by the need to locate and isolate the entry points of this merry band of rascals.

Fortunately, since insatiability is a characteristics we share with these rodents, it is not very difficult to understand how to direct their naughty little bites where we want them. Finally, reduced to attacking the only food within their reach, our dear visitors invite themselves into their temporary accommodation.

Here’s one of the last of them… Kind of aggressive:

Although the dissatisfaction of this young lady reminded me of the attitude of one or two people I know when they are refused the acquisition of what does not belong to them, I wish her better than to end up in a cage.

However, it does not belong in my walls, bulkheads and ceilings. So, the little pest and the rest of its gang were released (not all at the same time) in countryside, giving them as much chance to survive as to help potential predators to feed.

Finally, as everything in life must be a source of inspiration, including and especially trouble, here is a small illustration in homage to my dear little (pie)RAT(e)S… They will not have enjoyed their share of the pie for too long…

Again, the idea of seeing this printed on a t-shirt titillates my mind, but for now, I will continue the graphic exploration into which these rodent stories lead me and see if I can get something consistent and coherent out of them.

In the meantime, my dear readers, I am going back to fill a few holes in my walls and replace some badly gnawed pipes.

Thank you for your time and reading 😉


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