If drawing was like driving a car, then painting would be like flying an helicopter…

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  Hello Steemians !:)

After a few days struggling with painting, I wanted to share some weird thoughts on the topic, inspired by the chaotic evolution of a piece shown below 🙂

So yes, it sometimes happens to me: I trade my pencil for brushes… Not too often, but that happens.

And it often hurts ! 😀

Two or three years ago, after a long break without any graphic activity, the idea of painting took me… And very quickly made me discover this ocean of small problems that my faithful pencil had been kind enough to hide to me until then.

I think that if I decided to fly a helicopter and had never driven anything but a car, I would feel as helpless as when I was confronted with colour and paint while I had never left the grey shades of my good old pencil.

I was quickly ejected into a void of misunderstanding, having to deal with much more than simple turns between light and dark… Here I am, pitching and rolling between saturation and transparency, stalling when changing altitude of some layers suddenly way too thick….

So many new parameters to manage, that I lose my most basic reference points, starting with my dear grey values, which have not ceased to exist, and always contribute to ruin the balance of an image when forgetting them.

All these are new ways of playing with matter and light that far exceed anything I thought I knew about the subject.

And finally,

From looping to looping, all this quickly goes to hell.

Mayday, mayday, mayday!

Loss of control,


and crash!

Crushed tubes and dishevelled brushes are back to dust.

I’ll drive a more docile imaginary vehicle, I promise !


A few months later : New takeoff.

We’ll rebuild from the debris…

This time more calmly.

Let’s stay in abstraction a little graphic; some curves, there! all gently, with a little depth management and a layer of varnish from time to time for its transparent effects.

For the moment…. It’s all right. It’s all right !



These are the steps of a painting that had a few different evolution since I started it.

As always, it’s the kind of work that has a unique goal for myself : learning.

Work goes on as long as I have the feeling I can experiment and progress. Then, when things start to stall, it’s the sign that next step will be some form of destruction before restarting from what’s left of the previous version.

Most of the time, these breaks, between destruction and re-creation, are periods during which are exploited and explored specific points that made me thrill out while working on the painting, but with tools I’m more comfortable with 🙂

It’s not the best way to get finished piece, not at all, but it’s a fantastic one for discovery.

A way to find out plenty of new little things, to establish a link between them, and finally see they gave you more than the sum of them all.

I have the feeling, though, this specific piece might survive to its latest iteration.

Maybe after a bit of polish…

Nothing big, just a bit…

A little small and tiny bit…

OK… Finally, it might not survive at all 😀

Here we are, for now !

Thanks for reading and watching,

Have fun, and take care 🙂