Graphite Artifact 03.3 – Reworked again !

That’s probably one of the pieces I’ve reworked the most until now, both in its traditional form and its digital one.

This time, I did it for my freshly opened Makersplace’s store.

I didn’t want to publish an already existing version, and I still had the feeling I could earn a bit more experience by reworking it with Art Rage.

While I was rather pleased with the displate’s flat version I already made, I still wanted to add some volume to it.

The last time I tried this, the result was disappointing (in my opinion.)

Contrast were too hard, so was saturation. Softness was the main goal with this new attempt.

I didn’t take any process screenshot, mainly focused on getting the final version done.

Next days will be spent at feeding the store, so expect to see some already seen piece reworked again ! 😀

That’s all for now. See you 🙂

Wanna help ? 🙂 You’re welcome !
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Many thanks for people who already did it, this helped a lot, and same for those of you who will 🙂