Folco’s Birth – Pages 13 and 14

Hello ! 

Not the most productive week I ever had, but I’m happy I could finally work on these pages before the weekend. 

Until a few hours ago I was pretty sure there would only be one posted today. 

Bastingueurs - dead mother

That second page was pretty hard to imagine for me : drawing women has always been difficult for me, often ending with weird proportions or rather male apparence. I must admit I didn’t take too much risks with the sketchy style 😀

But, it’s time for some more of our story’s details to be revealed :

Pages 01-02



Pages 07-08

Pages 09-10

Pages 11-12

Page 13

bastingueurs - Folco'birth - page 13


bastingueurs - Folco'birth - page 14

Here we are for now…

Thank you for reading…

… And see you ! 😉 

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