Folco’s Birth – Page 19

New page incoming in Folco’s Birth scratchy story !

It was an interesting one to work on, trying to give some expressivity to characters and a bit of ambience while keeping a quick spontaneous sketchy style.

It took some time to finish, not due to difficulties, but because it was opening to a choice for the next pages : either sticking to the main road to the end of the story, or offering ourselves a small walk in the city’s history.

I spent a bit of time wondering whether derailing from the main topic would be a bad or a good way to go, and I realized that this Samson guy could be an interesting storyteller, instead of staying a simple shady big-armed dude.

This imaginary man has spent many imagnary years living in his imaginary city, it would be a shame not to let him share bits of his knowledge and experience with us 🙂

Now, let’s go for the current page of our scratchy-sketchy narrative and let’s put a foot on the small walk in Ravanetta Island’s past !

>>Previously in Folco’s Birth<<
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Thanks for reading !

Have a nice day, people, and see you next time 🙂