Folco’s Birth – Page 18

Hello everyone, with a new sketchy-scratchy page of our little story !

I almost posted it too early, with the feeling something was wrong, and indeed something was.

The first version of this page’s content was drawn way too big, only offering the first box and the city sketch to see.

It’s funny to see how my perception is altered when working on a screen compared to paper: I couldn’t define what was feeling so wrong until I started to play with the inital page’s size, and finally understood what was so obvious.

From a narrative point of view, it was clearly more interesting to reach the point we can see below rather than stopping on the ruined city’s picture

It implied a couple of days delay (I’m not currently in a speedy mood 😀 ), but I know I wouldn’t have been satisfied by posting the previous version.

Anyways, here’s the thing 🙂

>>Previously in Folco’s Birth<<
(Ebook file : Pages 1-17)

I wish you a nice day,

See you !

(c)Berien 2018