Folco’s Birth – Page 16

Hello everyone !

Finally ! I’ve found some quiet time to spend at working on Folco’s story.

I didn’t expect how difficult it would be to get back into the story after this three-weeks break, and the page’s content suffered from this.

Anyways, the machine needed to be restarted, and I’m sure that delaying this post even more for quality sake wouldn’t have helped moving forward.

So : again, only one page today, but this one brings me that good old creative vibe, which makes the work left to do very pleasing to imagine 🙂

And Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, something new, just for you !

Ok, I admit : nothing too extraordinary :p

Instead of the tedious list of previous pages links I was putting in the post until now, I’ve compiled the story in its current state as a comic ebook format. (.CBZ)

You can grab it here : FOLCO’S BIRTH – Pages 1-15

Feel free to tell me if you’d prefer the former list of links or another file format 🙂

I’ll update the file with new pages additions, but also with rework iteration that should come (drawing improvements, and french translations)

I’ll still post new pages on steemit, of course, but for people who’d want to be notified with new updates, you’re welcome to subscribe there: 😉

Now, enough talking !
let’s see what’s going on in our little story !


That’s all for now, unfortunately.

I’d have really loved being able to bring a bit more, but these last days were too short to deal with all my stuff.

Anyways, the work has started on the next page, and I hope everything will go as intended this time.

Thanks for reading !

See you, have fun, and take care !

(c)berien 2019