Folco’s Birth – Page 11 and 12

Hello everyone !

Today : Two more pages in Folco’s story.

I had some hope to reach the point where finally we’d know why the bald man and his friend Samson were looking for Folco…

But as hard as I tried, I found no way to do it while giving some relevant details about the universe. And since the mysterious explanation takes its roots in the island’s backstory, it would make no sense to unveil it too early 🙂

So, dear readers, shredded between the impatience to reach the last page and the will not to burn mandatory storytelling steps, I have to make you wait a bit more before getting the (maybe-not-so-) uncanny reason why Folco Coregliano could be so precious !

Here we go !

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That’s all for today 🙂

Have fun, take care, and see you with the “mysterious explanation” in next pages ! 😀

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