Folco’s Birth – Page 09 and 10

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Here are the next couple of pages of Folco Coregliano’s story !

But before : some personal boring thoughts

(No, you can’t skip that…  No… Hey ! Don’t even… 😀 )

I’ve met some difficulties here. I wanted to place more active dialog, but been stuck by the lack of context already presented. Either I had to bring massive blocks of texts explaining unseen elements, or taking some time depicting them.

And here comes that old frustrating impatience ! You know that one that makes you speak faster when you aim at finishing you sentence. That impatience that’d want to push myself at using the wrong shortcut just for reaching the end of our little story.

So… Let’s calm down, let’s take a breath… And let’s take our time 😀
At the moment I had to start these two pages, I realized I didn’t have myself a clear vision of the world in which the story happens. As a consequence, it would be hard for any reader to guess what I’d want to tell…

That’s the moment I understand how storytellers, through any medium they may favor, have the responsibility to project themselves into a reader if they want to transmit their word.

It looks like I’ll have to give some love to these details of my universe I can’t depict for myself, and find a way to inject this without breaking the main rythme.

Some rules seam to appear and guide that initially spontaneous creative (non-)process… Which is Interesting (for myself, at least)  🙂

Ok !

Now, either you’ve skipped the text above, or regret that you didn’t skip it…

here coooome the pages 9 and 10 !

(I didn’t expect a two-digits number when I started this o.O)

(What ? Oh… Ok, I shut up…)


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