Folco’s Birth – Page 03 and 04

Hello !

Today, a bit of progress in Folco’s short story with two more pages.

If you missed them : you can jump to the Previous pages .

I stick on harsh black and white drawing, training visual story telling techniques more than seeking for pure and precise graphical style. I still appreciate a lot how spontaneous this way of drawing can be : no technical concerns about characters morphology, expressions, etc. Everything is guided y the current mood.

I only regret my inexperience, which makes me work rather slowly, even with this raw design.

Of course everything could be a lot more polished and detailed. An overall rework could made this more readable, but at this stage I’m pretty sure I’d ruin the whole work if I started to bring any form perfectionism in the equation.

That’s all for today 🙂

Thank you for reading, and see you next time !

Bye 🙂

(c) Berien 2018