Folco’s Birth – Page 01 and 02 – Musing with sketchy comic style

Hello everybody 🙂

Since that little comic strip posted a few days ago, I’ve tried to keep up with this kind of approach.

I’ve never been inclined at working on complete comic book, and won’t pretend to, but that sketchy raw black and white little story from last time has triggered in me some new interest that I want to explore a  bit more.

So, I decided to test that black-and-white-sketchy-raw storyboard style on something a bit more complex than a quick funny strip.

My goal was to get something out of a combination of narrative graphical structure combined with my usual spontaneous abstract approach.

That last point is what made me stay away from illustration and comics : well defined items, environments and precise character designs will never be part of what makes me love drawing 🙂

Anyway, let’s try to use that ‘flaw’ to produce… something.
Here are the first pages (and maybe last ?) of Folco di Coregliano’s birth, main character from a written story I started  (and yes : a story waiting for my skills to be able to finish it 😛 ) :




…Or not to be 😀

This training made me suffer quite a bit, but was full of learning.

In these comic boxes layout, I had the surprise to recognize some of the triangular structures I often use in my surreal or abstract work. I must say that I love when a link can be established between totally different styles and approaches : everything we do is tied to other knowledge we have, and opens to new possibilities.

I’ll go further in this experiment, but that will probably be next week : some other (not so) funny tasks await to be done in parallel :p

Here we are, people !

Feel free to comment, criticize, or simply say “hello !” 🙂

Have fun, but don’t follow Folco’s path from too close 😀

(c) Berien 2018


(Désolé pour la version française : j’ai accumulé un peu de retard sur les traductions ces derniers temps 🙁 )