[EN]Creative Destruction (2) : Mutations !

[French Version]

Re-connection :

Holidays : terminated 🙁

Back to work : assimilated…

Need to test out technical stuff, away from any form of network : fulfilled.

Result : nothing came out that was worth sharing, but, that was still a good personal learning 🙂

During these last weeks, I’ve still continued working on the last drawing I’ve posted Destructive Creativity, with more color tests, overlay of Gesso, acrylic binder, and other random experiments.

Sorry, no video this time, but a few photos at different stages.

I made the thing suffer a bit, letting random inspiration make its own work and leave its trail on the support.

From the start I knew these figures on the left side of the drawing would bother me if I wanted to go on later, and, yep… they did.

During a time, I tried  to keep them safe :

But soon, I started to color them.

Which has lead to some…


and then I…

… Well… Ok… “Guilty, your Honor !”

I destroyed them, looking for…


Now they’re gone, I feel more comfortable in this abstract environment, free to experiment color layers, textures, and graphite more drawing between them, which makes me thrill out more than dealing with weird faces 🙂


The work isn’t finished yet, as I’m not fully satisfied.

I’ve liked some of the previous steps, but had to sacrifice them for some specific paint effect test… Now let’s see if I’ll manage to get something interesting again in these blue areas.

I can’t say when it will be finished, nor what it will look like, the main goal being learning by trial and error,  but if I can get a decent painting at the end, I admit that would be a nice bonus :p

For now, the whole picture has less and less areas I’d want to modify, so : THE END IS COMMING !:)

That’s all folks !

Thanks you for reading,
Have fun,
And Take care !


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