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The Waves - Acrylic painting - 2019 WIP

EN-Graphite Artifact – The Waves – WIP Update 04

Techniques mixtes

Cruising between reality and abstraction.

Hello !

Here’s the latest version of the Waves…

[Aller à la version FR]

Not much left from the initial intended graphite drawing, but things have progressed in a way I like.

Last time, I mentioned the fact I was perceiving some abstract version of a sailboat in the picture. I followed that lead, and I’m pretty happy by what it has gave me.

I was afraid to break the global abstraction aspect by extracting something too concrete out of it, but I think that our little boat managed to keep its course along that limit between figurative and abstraction.

Stalling point & Dilemma

Now, I’m staring at this piece since a few days, perfectly knowing that it requires some polishing, but at the same time feeling that I’m clumsy enough to ruin it 😀

I have that mixed feeling that the next brush stroke would be a lethal mistake for the whole piece, but also that, if that same brush stroke didn’t happen, I would miss something that the work still has to teach me.

Dilemma !

Taking some distance & time. Hitting Pause Button…

I’ll let it rest, because for once, I’ve been attached to the result, and feel like it shouldn’t be damaged… yet.

I think I perceive the blocking points that makes me stall on this work, and I’ll experiment around them on another painting, that was also at rest since two years after a similar break.

We’ll see if that unlocks some super power allowing me to finish both pieces 😀

…And sharing the progress so far

For now, here come the different key stages of the piece evolution. You might have already seen them in previous posts 🙂


Here we are for today… Next post will probably deal with another Boat-in-the-Blue-themed painting… Yeah, the one I mentioned, that waited 2 years between two modifications 🙂

Meantime, Have fun, Ladies and Gentlemen !

See you soon 🙂

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