The Punsher… Nah… The Piunsher… Naaah! The Pinscher!

I remember one day, I was trying to mention the TV show ‘The Punisher’ in a discussion…

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Alcohol was present…


…And it decided to take control of my mouth while I was trying to talk.

That’s how the famous and dark Marvel hero The Punisher suddenly became…

The Pinscher !

Well… Ok… That’s it…

No comment… 😀

On a more serious note : it’s still a WIP, But I think it’s advanced enough to be shared. I’m not really sure a dog lover would recognize a pinscher in that thing, but I had fun working on it… That’ was the main goal 🙂

After some more work, it could finish as T-Shirt print or such, with other pieces of mine, in a small e-shop to come.

But, I’ll tell more about it soon 🙂

Meanwhile, see you, Ladies and Gents ! 😀 Thanks for reading.

Oh ! And don’t try to speak when drunk… That doesn’t work well!

You may also chose not to be drunk… That’s up to you 😉