[EN] Graphite Artifact – “The Osprey”

Collection :  Graphite Artifacts 2018


Graphite on Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

Prepared with Gesso

length:40cm – width:5.5cm – depth:0.7cm 

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Mechanical pencil is at work again, on a recycled MDF panel, covered with a good layer of Gesso ; some spatula and spalter’s strokes left, here and there, just enough to complicate my task a little bit 🙂

Once again, it’s a matter of improvising an uninterrupted construction of contiguous elements, with an initial idea: to impose a strong curved movement on the whole thing.

Its coherence is based on the interaction of each of these components with its direct neighbours, whether it is to use them as supports, joints, or obstacles.

The processing of shadows and volumeing makes it possible to play with field depth and transparency, which adds new possibilities for work’s organic evolution during its realization.


The cleaning of some defects is in progress. Soon a double layer of acrylic binder and varnish will protect everything.

In the meantime:

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