Once upon a time: A Journey into the Blue

Once upon a time, a painting’s progress that had stalled…

…due to a lack of inspiration, but also due to some technical failure, by lack of knowledge and mastery.

But during the work on a more recent painting (The Waves) the desire took me back to restore this old stalled one, in order to continue the journey that it had made me begin…

Just a little more…

Or, maybe, way farther.

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Started in 2016, I believe, at a time when I wanted to test other tools than pastels, Voyage dans le Bleu is one of the first paintings I tried on the theme of the passage between reality and imagination.

  • Characteristics:
    • Made on 80x60cm wooden fibreboard (MDF).
    • Acrylic mix and water-miscible oils (Cobra)
    • Intermediate varnish layers.

From abstract lands, to surrealist countries…

Starting from a totally abstract impetus, the various stages of work have gradually brought it into surrealism, in particular through the modelling and extraction of concrete forms, sometimes ephemeral, sometimes more perennial.

Painting - Travel in blue - step 01 Peinture - Voyage dans le Bleu, étape 01

I remember that the initial intention was to represent a solid, translucent surface, a bit like ice, allowing the elements of an unknown world to be seen on the other side.

If there were times when I was able to achieve this objective, I quickly wasted them due to a lack of technical expertise.

Voyage dans le Bleu, étape 01 - détail -

Various graphic researches followed, without much consideration for the work already done.

But I must admit that here, the main goal is to learn and gather new knowledge. The production of a painting is ultimately only a material side effect of this learning process.

Painting - Travel in blue - step 02 Peinture - Voyage dans le Bleu, étape 02

… Up to the Veil between Real and Imaginary.

This impalpable desire for knowledge’s materialization in a very tangible object could well be the crossing of this border, between Reality and Imagination.

Painting - Travel in blue - step 03 Peinture - Voyage dans le Bleu, étape 03

Thus, the Concrete, figurative, crosses the Abstract in the form of a ship… Which seems to fit nicely our Imaginary wanderlust :p

An incursion into the Real

For the moment, the work is focused on our ship, its details, but also its integration into the overall picture.

This type of work is not an area with which I am particularly comfortable, but once again learning is the main goal, whether the painting survives experimentation or not…

I move forward very slowly, with small cautious strokes, as well by fear of committing the irreparable, as by desire to give a chance to this painting of…

Continuing the trip

Even if anything can happen with this type of work, I don’t foresee any major changes at the moment. It will essentially be a matter of refining and cleaning the area of the boat, but I also plan to work with the more abstract bottom area.

In particular, I would like to find again these transparency effects that I was able to obtain, somewhat luckily, during the first working phases.

The results of these experiments will probably guide the next painting’s evolution.

For now, thanks for your time !

See you soon 🙂

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