Digital rework of an Original : “Artefact-03 – The Time Compass”

Let’s go with a new post about digital conversion of original drawing. 🙂

I already posted a first try on this one, but to my mind, the lattest version wasn’t satisfying, hence I reworked it to get something a bit more linked to my orignal idea.

Previous conversion :

I initially did let myself explore digital colouring possibilities and lost my initial graphical intention : keeping the oldish sketchy blueprint style… You know the kind of drawing some mentaly disordered explorer could bring back from one of his imaginary trips.

This gave this :

Therefore, I reworked it again from scratch, using a larger photo as a start. I struggled a bit with an unexpected blurry rendering until I realized, the orginal drawing was simply blurry… As if I it was too easy to take a neat picture when you suck as a photographer 😀

Always with the idea that this sketch could have been brought to the world by some mentally deranged imaginary traveller, I decided to add small handwritten here and there.

While impersonating that mad dude, a new title came from this question below. Would this thing act as a compass or a clock ?

Maybe both, maybe none…

Anyways, here we are with a Time Compass concept from Imaginary Lands ! 😀

Thanks for reading 🙂

Have a nice day, people !


The final poster versions (medium, large and XL) can be found on