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Rodent Invasion !

Yeah…. A rodent invasion. Good big sewer rats having found a way through my house’s walls… That is what I

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Through the Veil…

Between Imagination and Reality… Or, maybe, Delirium and Rationality. Hello ! Once again, I approach this theme that I cherish:

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User’s revue. First contact. (French Version) First, as usual with summer holidays and the difficult online come-back that follows, here’s

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The Waves - Acrylic painting - 2019 WIP

EN-Graphite Artifact – The Waves – WIP Update 04

Cruising between reality and abstraction. Hello ! Here’s the latest version of the Waves… [Aller à la version FR] Not

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The Punsher… Nah… The Piunsher… Naaah! The Pinscher!

I remember one day, I was trying to mention the TV show ‘The Punisher’ in a discussion… [aller à la

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BasicAttentionToken donations Issue: risk of wasting your tips.

I address all Brave-Browser visitors to be careful with their BAT donations. Since a few months, many BAT publisher accounts

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Original To Displate : The Original One.

Hello People ! Today, I’d want to present (again) this piece, which is at the same time a new digitally

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Perturbations sur le blog: changement de thème en cours / Blog’s disturbances: theme change in progress

Tout est dans le titre : la lecture du blog étant devenue plutôt difficile avec le temps, je pars en

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