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Rodent Invasion !

Yeah…. A rodent invasion. Good big sewer rats having found a way through my house’s walls… That is what I

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Digital Doodle - The Boar

The BoaR – Work in progress timelapse video – 2017 digital doodling

I can’t explain why boars often come out of my random sketching sessions. This happened again that day of 2017.A

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The Punsher… Nah… The Piunsher… Naaah! The Pinscher!

I remember one day, I was trying to mention the TV show ‘The Punisher’ in a discussion… [aller à la

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The Chaos Bird. A painting from the unnamed room !

Hello, people ! This afternoon, still working at framing my current work, I was looking for planks and wooden strips

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B.O.A.R. – Beast Of Anger & Rage

Once upon a time… …There were these people, guided by an extinguishable will to understand and control Imaginary Lands’s chaos. 

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[FR] Artefact Graphite – “The Osprey”

Collection : Artefacts Graphites 2018 Travail en cours Graphite sur bois-médium (MDF) Préparation : Gesso L40cm l35.5cm p0.7cm  [click here

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[EN] Graphite Artifact – “The Osprey”

Collection :  Graphite Artifacts 2018 WIP Graphite on Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) Prepared with Gesso length:40cm – width:5.5cm – depth:0.7cm  [cliquer ici

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