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Today I will focus on the social network, whose Beta will be open to everyone in a fortnight.

I continue my exploration of the small universe under construction whose core is the Tube, this coin of which I have been pounding your ears for some time (see previous article)

A lot of things are being built around this core, whose developers seem to be particularly active.

The approach of the article will be that of the user who discovers elements as they flow: personal observations and opinion. I spent less than two days using the platform, and I want to write down my fresh perspective on the subject.

First contact

We have for the moment a platform in gestation, but with a pleasant handling. A few bugs here and there are an opportunity to establish contact with the community as we report them (don’t forget : it’s a Beta 😉 )

A new social network…

…Again ?

This is a question that we instinctively ask ourselves in a world where it is difficult to find the time to manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and their more or less distant cousins…

To stand a chance, Bittubers must be part of a problematic to which it intends to propose a solution.

The points the platform is addressing.

  • Decentralized global infrastructure
    • Decentralized broadcasting, via blockchain and webtorrent peer-to-peer protocol.
    • Decentralized moderation instead of centralized censorship
  • for authors/content creators:
    • Monetize content.
      • during its visualization, and via the Airtime.
      • through donations in $tubes
      • Indirectly through a credit system (platform’s XP)
    • Protection against forms of commercial censorship
      • Independence from advertisers
      • Authors remain free to integrate ads into their content, but independently of the platform
  • For visitors:
    • Monetization of time spent on content (see Airtime)
    • Commitment rewarded by the XP, a system that provides some advantages.
    • No ads imposed by the platform (but again: authors are free to integrate them into their own content)
    • Moderation of content by users and identifiable moderators : no more sudden posts deletion without explanation.

No bad surprise, for the moment, we remain within the general perspective of the Bittube ecosystem, with the exploration of territories that the mainstream leaders do not exploit:

Decentralization, autonomy, organic & passive monetization.

Authors and Visitors: monetization.

I have already discussed the principle of Airtime, and the use of web browsing time, as a subject of remuneration.

There is a form of reciprocity of gain. When you, as an Airtime user, spend time on the content of an author, as an Airtime user, everyone receives their share of Airtime in a passive way.

The coins thus gained can then be used in different ways, but let’s be honest, the usefulness of the token is still limited: donations, trading, and conversion into fiat by bank transfer.

An e-commerce API (PAY-TUBE) has just been introduced and extends the potential of $Tube as a virtual currency. I’m exploring its fields of application right now. I will come back to this subject in a dedicated article.

In the meantime, the platform extends the ecosystem, and allows content to be monetized, $tube to be earned, but also eventually re-injected into the platform through subscriptions and other work-in-progress options.

The main driver: creators, content, and community

Content creators: their tools

The input interface changes a little according to the post’s content. The character limits indicated below also vary according to the user’s level (see below)

Important notice:

I don’t own any property over any of screen captures you’ll find below.

All are from

Simple text post :

Post with picture(s)

  • addition of a 120 character title field
  • addition of a panel of visual effects applicable to images
  • Possibility to upload a gallery of several images in the same post.

Post with a video,’s main domain

  • Title field: 120 characters
  • Post field: 240 or more characters, depending on the user’s level (see below)
  • Video description field: this is the party! 4000 characters! Enough space to mention technical details, but also credit music, collaborators, possible actors, etc.
  • Some promising options below: content protection and content pricing.

What about streaming ?

My antediluvian ADSL connection of 2Mb/s, only on sunny days, without wind, do not allow me to test any form of streaming. But the options are offered and some users are already experimenting:

My opinion :

Everything is fluid and efficient. You quickly feel at home.

I really like the way I handle it.

There are still some points to correct (beta phase 🙂 ), such as the impossibility of deleting an image from a gallery during the writing of a post: obliged to restart the whole post from scratch if you import an incorrect image into the gallery.

Cela fait partie des suggestions remontées à l’équipe.


Of course, the community is in the process of gestation with access restrictions due to the beta phase. The number of members is still quite limited, but I imagine that a good number of users should easily board.

The tools for interaction between users are in place, and are improving as suggestions bug reports are made.

In addition to the interactions on the posts themselves (answers, upvotes, likes), some tools are already in place to allow users to meet and contact each other:

  • Private conversations
  • Public groups
  • Private groups

The little I have experienced is functional, but I admit I didn’t have enough time to explore the details.

Users Levels…

Subscriptions to unlock new features?

If it is possible to use the platform free of charge without any problem, it is also possible to extend the use options:

  • number of characters limit per post
  • number of streaming channels
  • maximum duration of the videos that can be posted.

Two Free Levels

The first two levels are free, the following ones are subject to a quarterly subscription. The price indicated is variable. The level of commitment on the platform (XP) reduces costs (see below for a practical example)

“Unverified” level: Basic access, you get to the platform, create an account, and use it directly. No cost, but limitations, close to Twitter.

“Verified” level: The Airtime extension user’s, who has performed an account verification by sending an SMS to his mobile, or by staking 2500$tubes (see previous article on Airtime)

“Unverified” Level details

A free entry point to discover the platform and the concepts that revolve around it. It is possible to connect with other social accounts:

We can only appreciate the choice of simplicity of access.

Here, the Blockchain and crypto universe is discreet: no need to put your hands in the sludge or know the mechanics to board.

This level does not require any browser extension installation. In return: few advantages, few visibility of posts, no streaming, etc.

The biggest disadvantage of this level in my opinion: the total disconnection with the Airtime principle.

In short: a status that allows you to make your mark quietly, but does not benefit from the real advantages of the ecosystem.

“Verified” Level details

This is my own level, as I write these words.

I lack the hindsight to indicate whether this status is too restrictive in the long run or not. I’m not a video maker, and when I create some I try to keep them relatively short.

The 20-minute time limit is therefore largely comfortable for me, especially since an overrun of up to 60 minutes is tolerated, but at the cost of an impact on the visibility of the video on the platform.

Note about this restriction: since the creators’ remuneration is based on the length of time the media is played, this method makes it possible to limit the proliferation of long videos without real content, whose sole purpose is to exploit the monetization system.

These abuses were widespread on the original platform, and are probably at the root of this adjustment.

Although this will not completely prevent their distribution, these videos will be less intrusive, or will contribute to the financing of the platform through the subscription required for their publication.

As the platform has also opted for decentralized moderation, users will also have a say and tools at their disposal to manage such abusive situations.


I will not detail the higher, paying levels, because I have not tested them, but logic remains in the same guideline: each level increases the limits mentioned above.

Impact of ‘XP’ on subscription prices

Decreasing subscription cost according to the user’s activity.

As they receive posts and upvotes, users receive a form of point credits: XP, which gradually reduces the cost of the subscription (current level or above)

For example, in my case, without forcing too much on the first two days, the rate for the next level (“PLUS”) has already started to decrease:

Minimum rates:

  • “Plus” level: 3Euro/ 3 months
  • “Content Creator” level: 9Euros/3 months
  • “Power User” level: 18Euros/ 3 month

Currently it is possible to pay in Fiat currency, or in crypto via Coinbase Payments. The $Tube is not an option at the moment, but I would be surprised if it is not integrated into the mechanics.

However, it is still possible to pay indirectly in $tubes by exchanging the tokens for one of the currencies accepted by Coinbase Payments prior to that.

Below, all levels details, with the price reduction already obtained on the first day of activity:

All this gives us a system that aims to reward activity on the network, but also interactions between users.

I do not know to what extent this system will be bypassed by those who would like to exploit any flaws, but again, it will be interesting to measure the impact of the moderation system by users.

Open Beta approaching!

Within two weeks: Beta open to all visitors, without any special conditions.

The closed beta started a few weeks ago, first open to stakers who placed $25,000 tubes in the project, and since June 21, the doors have been open to stakers who put $2500 Tubes in the mechanics.

Notice: This principle of staking is part of an individual’s desire to invest in the project, and is not necessary for the platform use. It opens up certain advantages, including the possibility of participating in the closed beta, and increases the Airtime obtained during navigation.

Newcomers will be able to enter the open beta phase freely and without charge, regardless of staking.

Conclusions ?

This was supposed to be a short post presenting the basic features of Bittubers. I didn’t expect to have so many points to cover, nor to discover more during my research. But there’s still a lot left!

Bittubers promises to become a platform rich in possibilities, oriented towards creators and their autonomy, content, and users. The first contact is very pleasant, and I am particularly curious to see the evolution of the project over time.

We are already seeing a beautiful, concrete implementation of an ecosystem around crypto, which reminds me of my discovery of Steemit some time ago.

The orientation of the platform is mainly towards video and short posts. Unlike sites like Medium or Steemit, it would be impossible to post a massive block such as the one you are reading.

The platform thus clearly marks out the kind of content format it expects, which demonstrates a strategic positioning that seems to me to be thoughtful and logical.

Similarly, the technical aspect of the blockchain remains in the background, which is still a good point in my opinion to encourage adoption by a wide audience.

We are at the end of this article. I hope that it has provided you with some useful information, and that it has encouraged you to come and test the platform at its upcoming opening.

It seems to me to be worth it:)

To deepen the subject, you can also read Evildido’s posts (in French) on, Evildido who’s preparing a video for us about (but shh, I didn’t say anything: p)

Thanks to him addressing a mistake in this post about Webtorrent protocol. Mistake fixed 🙂

Check also Lord Catoshi Von Elegancé ‘s video about bittubers, worth a thumb and a comment 🙂

Thank you for reading !

See you soon.