B.O.A.R. – Beast Of Anger & Rage

Once upon a time…

…There were these people, guided by an extinguishable will to understand and control Imaginary Lands’s chaos. 

They started to gather bits and scraps of anything, out there, that could be ruled, handled, and manipulated.



Piece after piece, they assembled something that they wished would be related to Law, or Reality.

They wished…

But in their insufficient knowledge of what was really… real… 

… All they managed to create was an unstoppable Beast Of Anger and Rage, that everyone would call the BOAR !



People ! Be advised not to struggle against the Boar…

Try to tame it;
Try to walk with it,
And try to protect it when it blindly charge at anything that threatens your Imaginary Lands !

Here were are, with that small piece of tale 🙂

I’ve already posted the first graphite version of the Boar in an aborted story that had nowhere to go, but I had the feeling I had to play a bit more with this specific character, both with words and with colors.

This time, I used Posca pens for the coloring and found these very interesting : rich in possibilities by the different techniques they open to. I might have to explore that a bit more.

  • Support : fiberboard small panel ( L:23.5cm / l:12.5cm)
  • Background : acrylic paint & gesso
  • Main colors : Posca acrylic pens
  • glazing with acrylic binder and/or varnish  between main steps of work 
  • WIP : some more refining touches are waiting for the latest glaze layer to dry. Nothing that should really alter the overall picture, but instead that should make it cleaner and defined 🙂

That’s all Folks ! 🙂

Have a nice day !

and… Beware of the Boar 🙂

(c) Berien 2018