WIP – Graphite Artifact – The Waves

Newly started graphite artifact !

That fresh start is welcome while fighting with small details on more advanced projects, like « the Diagnosis Tree ».

Plus… « WIP – Graphite Artifact – The Waves »

VIDEO – Trying to share some of my favorite tips with graphite drawing :)

Hello 🙂

I’ve spent these last days figuring out how to share some tips about my way to work with graphite, only to discover I couldn’t put any words on this topic.

Plus… « VIDEO – Trying to share some of my favorite tips with graphite drawing 🙂 »

Digital rework of an Original : « Artefact-03 – The Time Compass »

Let’s go with a new post about digital conversion of original drawing. 🙂

Cliquer ici pour la version française

I already posted a first try on this one, but to my mind, the lattest version wasn’t satisfying, hence I reworked it to get something a bit more linked to my orignal idea.

Plus… « Digital rework of an Original : « Artefact-03 – The Time Compass » »

WIP – Graphite Artifact – « The Diagnosis Tree »

Hello everybody, with a new Graphite Artifact !

cliquer ici pour la version française.
Plus… « WIP – Graphite Artifact – « The Diagnosis Tree » »

From Original To Displate : « The Subridere Concept »

Hello everyone !

>> version française <<

Finally a new post after a few weeks with no online activity, as I didn’t have anything really interesting to share. I still worked on a few things, and here’s one of them : a new digital conversion of one of my graphite drawings.

Tired to deal with my old camera’s limitations, I recently decided to acquire a new one. The photo part of the work being the one I enjoy the least, this simplifies by a lot my drawing’s digital conversions. 🙂

For a first try at making a new displate poster, I played a bit with GIMP, Krita, and ArtRage on a small format drawing I already posted, initally titled « Dehumanized », providing it with some contrast and color effects.

Plus… « From Original To Displate : « The Subridere Concept » »

Original to Displate conversions.

Hello !

(aller à la version française)

Some time ago, comments from some Steemit members to my previous posts made me interested in approaches I had previously ignored or neglected, such as the sale of copies of my work.

Plus… « Original to Displate conversions. »

5am Abstraction wanderings

ENGLISH Version on steemit.com

Un montage video de ces séances matinales de dessin, de 5h à 7h hors weekend…  Travail abstrait, histoire d’exploiter la brume dans laquelle baigne ma cervelle au réveil :p
Au passage, quelques expérimentations vidéos, avec une recherche d’ambiance rétro.

Musique : DJ QUADS / Fun Times – SOUND CLOUD

Initialement posté en anglais sur la plateforme décentralisée https://d.tube via http://steemit.com 


[EN] Graphite Artifact – « The Osprey »

Collection :  Graphite Artifacts 2018


Graphite on Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

Prepared with Gesso

length:40cm – width:5.5cm – depth:0.7cm 

[cliquer ici pour la Version FR]

Plus… « [EN] Graphite Artifact – « The Osprey » »

[EN]Creative Destruction (2) : Mutations !

[French Version]

Re-connection :

Holidays : terminated 🙁

Back to work : assimilated…

Need to test out technical stuff, away from any form of network : fulfilled.

Result : nothing came out that was worth sharing, but, that was still a good personal learning 🙂

During these last weeks, I’ve still continued working on the last drawing I’ve posted Destructive Creativity, with more color tests, overlay of Gesso, acrylic binder, and other random experiments.

Plus… « [EN]Creative Destruction (2) : Mutations ! »

Graphite Artifact : The Rune House / timelapse

See the original post here on Steemit.

I won’t be able to write the next part of Wanderings in Imaginary Lands this week : a bit too busy.

Instead, here’s the timelapse of a graphite artifact made these last two days : the « Rune House », abstract graphite drawing on wooden tablet, playing spontaneously with lines and angles and ending with some northern-runic-shaped symbols, hence the title.

The tablet had some previous collage on which I’ve put layer of gesso. I’ve left raw vertical brush strokes, wondering if I could get some sort of « interlaced » effect. Not sure yet if that would work : acrylic blender still drying while I type this 🙂

Have fun and take care of yourselves,people ! 😉


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Wandering in Imaginary Lands PART II – Improvised drawings and an improvised story to link them all.

From the Dudes Farm to the Moon House : following Will-to-Evade’s right into troubles.

Hello !

Last time we saw how my unreliable companion, Will-To-Evade, left me alone in Imaginary Lands, right in front of a strange structure freshly appeared from nowhere.

I wasn’t really feeling comfortable while looking at that house… And even less now I realized how high in the skies that thing was standing… That moon symbol should have alerted me.

Imaginary lands always tend to make distance perception a bit sketchy… Goals reveal themselves to be always farther than you’d thought at first glance, and – of course – obstacles a lot closer.

The Moon House was sitting at the top of what seemed to be a much longer and higher pillar than I first thought.

No, really…

I didn’t want to climb that…

Unfortunately, I couldn’t see any way to leave that place without my good old silly Will-to-Evade. It seemed I was programmed like that.

So, finding that little pest was now my top priority. And last time I did see it, it was running down there…

Yes… So far away.

I had to walk some time before reaching the foot of that tower. Each step was making myself a bit more uncomfortable.
That good old ground that was sustaining our last time met twisted trees was now supporting a crazy structure. I could have swore its roots were from a the same kind of our tree friends.

But what kind of madness did take control of its growth ?

Anyways… With that door up there, it looked like it could be an entry to the Moon House.

« Eye(open) »

What ? Who said that ? I was standing still, petrified.

« Invalid argument »

The voice sounded mechanical.

That was coming from the structure.

Heart beating hard, I hid observing the insane building and its logic.

A constant flow of passive sitting human dudes was incoming, a few individuals were regularly picked-up by  mechanical claws and then replaced by other dudes.

Screw that Moon House !

I’d never enter that horrific Dudes Farm !

No way !

I’d just have to find Will-To-Evade, and go back home…

Wait… what was that ?

« What are you doing ?! Don’t go there ! »

Will’s blurry silhouette was running right into troubles… And once more I couldn’t prevent myself to follow the same path

I started to run after Will, shouting « Stoop ! »

« eye(Target) »

The mechanical voice was the the last thing I heard before something hit me hard…

A last memory of the whole crazy place faded to black behind my blind eyes.


I didn’t really know where I was lying now, but I was feeling some presence. Close.

« Mouth2(smile) » said the mechanical voice


Oh, freaky crap !

Back to darkness…

« Eye(Open) », said the mechanical voice.

No, no, no, no ! Not open !

How would that thing say ? « Eye(close) ! » and even : « Eye(close, close, close, and close !) »

« Invalid argument. »

Fuck you ! Back to darkness !

More comfortable !

« Agreed ! » agreed Will- to-Evade, lying next to me.

Finally, we were both reunited, facing the worst thing we’d ever had to flee from.

But… (take your breath)

… that will be… (do you feel the suspens ?)

…for the still unknown, unwritten and mostly not designed next part of this weird story ! 😉

Thanks for reading, folks 🙂

That was some good fun, even if I have met some problems due to bad support choice while drawing. Lesson taught : I’ll know what not to do for the next part.
That said, I must admit that I’m a bit scared by how to handle what’s to come…

Weirdness is coming !



Farewell, and have Fun !

Wandering in Imaginary Lands [part 1] / Improvising a short story, based on improvised drawings.

Connection… Online


Hello !

First : apologizing for the lack of online activity these last weeks.
Some computer illness, commonly know as a Failed Windows Update, that had to be treated with extreme Linux medication, prevented any productive use of technology during these days.

One good thing with this kind of messy times : my will to get away from them didn’t last long before showing up… I usually see this personal trend to evade responsibilities as something rather nasty, but sometimes, this old poisonous friend shows itself as a good fellow. That’s why I’ll give that part of myself a bit of independent personality and the ability to bring us in short improvised story. (disclaimer : English isn’t my native language, therefore I apologize for any language mistake that could survive to my different correction attempts 😉 )

So… That good old Will-To-Evade-Reality and I took a short walk again in Imaginary lands.

Last time we went there, we found an unusual place : a place where there were none of the mechanical structures I’m used to find, but only a nude twisted tree. (see : The Yellowish Twisted Woodsman).

The eventuality that other weird trees specimens could grow in these parts of Imaginary Lands made me curious… Will-to-Evade (let’s call it like that) followed with some enthusiasm and we let my graphite pen wander there again for a while…

It didn’t take long before graphite strokes made the thing twist out of the blank wooden tablet.


Was it a tree or some aggregated roots, maybe some other kind of creature ?

I couldn’t say, but the thing was looking like it was trying to show me a direction… Even if it wasn’t the prettiest being I’ve ever met in Imaginary Lands, I couldn’t feel any form of fear nor danger emanating from it.

Without a word, we left it there.

Will-To-Evade made me follow the indicated way on which we met the Yellowish Twisted Woodman, still frozen in its eternal tortured stance. Like its rooted cousin, no luck at trying to have a talk. Imaginary Lands make trees look strange, but don’t make them be great speakers.

Though a bit confused and wondering if we hadn’t misunderstood the first tree’s sign, we decided  to continue on our imaginary walk.

Farewell silent friends !

Will-to-Evade and I wandered a while, until we were surrounded by blank space…

Nothing everywhere or maybe nowhere… I’m not sure… Everything was white

Like a child facing a blank wall, I felt that urge to mark my territory with a few random pen strokes. It was like a way to shout « I was First to Be Here » at the next wanderer who’d get lost in that emptiness.

And as soon as I had done this, the void was broken, something started to emerge from that initial movement.


That was a strange place…  Never been here before this day.  I was sure now the first twisted tree had shared with us some untold  Imaginary Land’s  secret.

My eagerness to reach that structure made me hurry a bit too much. Enough for Imaginary Lands, being unstable by nature, to made it fade and vanish under a new white layer before I could reach it.

I had wanted to shout in disappointment : « No ! », but the Lands  didn’t give me any time to do so.

Cling !

Clang !

Those heavy sounds, in my mind !

Typical songs of mechanical lined and curved graphite artifacts populating Imaginary Lands…

I stared at Will-To-Evade : « We walked to far away, we lost what we were looking for. »

Will shrugged and started to walk away.

Even here, it Will was evading.

« I’ll make you bring me there again », did I promise while that untrusty bastard was leaving me alone.

Of course, while my Will-to-Evade was fleeing away, I was willing to stay more than ever.

The mechanical song was closer now : Right in front of me, a new house was being built out – pretty quickly – from nowhere.

Each line, each curve was acting like a support or a resistance for its closest neighbor, making the whole structure resilient to Imaginary Lands’ insane instability.

Now it was here, strange clinging building, simply waiting to be visited.

What’s inside, my pen didn’t tell me completely yet… All I could briefly see, was some kind of creature parts, half clinging, half organic.

Would I be bold enough to try to find my way insight that crazy structure ?
Not sure…
And even less sure knowing that my good old sneaky Will-to-Evade could come back and catch me away from this

And even less sure knowing that my good old sneaky Will-to-Evade could come back and catch me away from this area of Imaginary Lands.

To be continued…



That’s all for now, fellows !

I must say I had fun at trying to build some kind of narrative link between these unrelated drawings.
Even if that’s not great literature, I’ve enjoyed mixing spontaneous writing based on spontaneous drawing.
This experiment was unexpectedly fulfilling.

I hope you liked as much as I had fun.

Take care and farewell, people 🙂

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The Crow’s Nest / (final) / Le Nid-de-pie

The Crow’s Nest

One of these spontaneous illustrations, born of a desire to escape, which embarks the designer in an unexpected ride, far far from what he could consciously imagine.

Each stroke adds details the boat that transports him.

Perched at the top of his imaginary ship, drifting in an intangible ocean eager to overwhelm him, the dreamer watches for debris of reality to hook on.

A last stroke of pencil …

A slight paint wash.

And here’s the already old memory of an imaginary journey.

Le Nid-de-pie

Une de ces illustrations spontanées, née d’une envie d’évasion, qui embarque le dessinateur dans une balade imprévue, loin très loin de ce qu’il aurait pu consciemment imaginer.

Trait après trait se détaille le bâtiment qui le transporte.

Perché tout au sommet de son navire imaginaire, à la dérive dans un océan intangible ne demandant qu’à le submerger, le rêveur guette, en quête de débris de réalité auxquels se raccrocher.

Un dernier coup de crayon…
Un léger travail de peinture.
Et voici le souvenir déjà ancien d’un voyage imaginaire.

autre éclairage / different lighting

La Souriante – The Smiling One

Graphite sur papier, encollé sur bois et sous lavis de peinture acrylique.

De retour sur le thème de la Fin…
Back on Ending topic…

Non pas en tant que sujet du dessin, mais plutôt à propos de cette inaptitude à déclarer un travail fini, alors qu’il pourrait l’être depuis longtemps.
Not as the drawing’s theme, but rather about this inaptitude to declare a work as completed when it could have been a long time ago.

La Souriante en est le parfait exemple : dessin demandé par un ami, dans l’optique de servir de modèle à un tatouage. Le travail a vite atteint un rendu acceptable, mais me laissait cet arrière-goût de « Je peux faire mieux ! »
The Smiling One is one these. Design commissionned by a friend, with a view to act as a tattoo model. Work has quickly an acceptable stage, but was leaving this « I can do better » aftertase…

C’était il y a… 3 ans ?
Je l’ai encore sous les yeux au moment d’écrire ceci.

It’s been… 3 years ?
I stil have it in my sight when typing this.

Y apportant une petite touche ici, puis là, au fil du temps. Aux oubliettes, le projet de tatouage qui motivait les coups de crayon. La chose est devenue un collage sur bois, immergée sous quelques couches translucides et ultra liquides de peinture acrylique.
Bringing over time a small touch here, then there. The tattoo project that motivated the pencil strokes was forgotten by then. The thing became a collage on wood, immersed under a few translucent and ultra-liquid layers of acrylic paint.

Je sais maintenant que toute retouche supplémentaire n’irait pas dans le sens d’une amélioration mais bel et bien de la destruction.
I now know that any additional editing would’nt aim at any form of improvement but rather at destruction.
La destruction : le vrai point final de mon process de création.
Destruction: my creative process’s genuine final touch.

Come on…
Offrons donc à la Souriante une bonne raison d’être joyeuse.
Let’s give The Smiling One a reason to be joyful.
Une grosse inspiration…
One deep breath…
… Et une bonne couche de vernis.
… And a generous varnish layer.
Cette fois on vise la préservation, parce qu’à la Fin je serai celui qui sourit.
This time we’ll aim at preservation, because at the Ending I’ll be the smiling one.

Voir les Infos détaillées

WIP – Le Blotti / Snuggled

Blotti :  il est là, engoncé dans les détails qui l’entourent, immobile et figé, peut-être apeuré à l’idée d’être découvert. Et pourtant l’imaginaire l’a débusqué puis modelé à partir des glyphes abstraits qui étaient censés à eux seuls recouvrir la surface de ce tableau.

Snuggled : It’s there, engulfed in surrounding details, standing still and frozen, maybe frightened of being discovered. And yet, Imagination has flushed and then modeled it out of abstract glyphs that were solely supposed to cover the surface of this drawing.


  • Medium :  Dessin au crayon graphite avec légère coloration acrylique (en cours)
    (Graphite pencil drawing with light acrylic coloring (in progress))
  • Dimensions : 45/63cm sans châssis ni cadre (No frame)
  • Support : Plaque de bois aggloméré, couche de Gesso et sous-couche acrylique.
    (chipboard, Gesso layer and acrylic underlayment.)