Folco’s Birth – Page 18

Hello everyone, with a new sketchy-scratchy page of our little story !

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Folco’s Birth – Page 17

Hello 🙂

New page !

Two weeks between posts instead of three ! I’m on the right trend ! 😀

I’m still struggling with that slow paced rythm, due to a mix of lack of energy and motivation that let me easily derailed by outter distractions… And these ones never lack :p

Anyways : here comes the lattest page of Folco’s Birth.

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Folco’s Birth – Page 16

Hello everyone !

Finally ! I’ve found some quiet time to spend at working on Folco’s story.

I didn’t expect how difficult it would be to get back into the story after this three-weeks break, and the page’s content suffered from this.

Anyways, the machine needed to be restarted, and I’m sure that delaying this post even more for quality sake wouldn’t have helped moving forward.

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Conversion d’originaux pour Displate.

Bonjour !

Il y a quelque temps, en retour à deux articles évoquant mes difficultés à évaluer mon travail pour le mettre en vente, les commentaires de certains membres de Steemit m’ont fait m’intéresser à des approches que j’avais jusqu’alors ignorées ou négligées, notamment la vente de copies de mon travail.

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Original to Displate conversions.

Hello !

(aller à la version française)

Some time ago, comments from some Steemit members to my previous posts made me interested in approaches I had previously ignored or neglected, such as the sale of copies of my work.

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Folco’s Birth – Page 15

Boooooh ! Only one page today !

That’s my self-overconfidence’s price on this one : after the last week full-of-women page, I was pretty sure this new one would’nt be too difficult to deal with.

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Projets en cours / Ongoing projects

Folco’s Birth

Buts : Création d’un ebook BD gratuit et utilisation de la BD comme moyen d’apprentissage de nouvelles approches.

Pour l’instant la BD et les articles liés sont rédigés en anglais. Je prévois une traduction dès la dernière page atteinte, mais la priorité est à la construction du fil  narratif.

Goals : Creating a free comic ebook and using comics as a learning tool for new technical approaches

A French translation will come when last page will be reached, but for now I’ve made the choice to prioritize the narrative path.

Artefacts Graphites

Projet à moyen/long terme.

But : créer un univers graphique cohérent et l’ouvrir à une éventuelle exposition publique.

Mariage de dessin au graphite, de bois, et de peinture acrylique.

Il s’agit ici d’explorer une forme d’abstraction et de surréalisme, fortement teintée d’univers Steampunk.

Medium to long term project.

Goal :  building a coherent graphical universe and open it to possible public exhibition.

Mixing graphite drawing, wood, and acrylic painting.

Exploring some specific form of abstraction and surrealism, heavily steampunk oriented.

Folco’s Birth – Pages 13 and 14

Hello ! 

Not the most productive week I ever had, but I’m happy I could finally work on these pages before the weekend. 

Until a few hours ago I was pretty sure there would only be one posted today. 

Bastingueurs - dead mother
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Traduire ou ne pas traduire ?


Depuis que j’ai commencé ma petite expérience autour de la bande dessinée, il m’a fallu m’orienter vers le choix d’une langue pour ce projet particulier.

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Folco’s Birth – Page 11 and 12

Hello everyone !

Today : Two more pages in Folco’s story.

I had some hope to reach the point where finally we’d know why the bald man and his friend Samson were looking for Folco…

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